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Guralp solutions are used all over the world for monitoring tall and important buildings. We provide solutions for structural health monitoring, and complete systems to comply with local building codes and safety legislation.


Our equipment can monitor both the response of the building and the seismic excitation, enabling the structural response to be determined. We also provide site surveys to characterise seismicity in the region of existing and planned new buildings.

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Structural health monitoring

Building motion, structural response, emergency reponse coordination

building structural response 210 x 80

Structural response

Ground excitation, building response

baseline seismicity

Site surveys

Baseline seismicity surveys

compliance 210 x 80bridge structural response 210 x 80

Legislative compliance

Building codes, safety legislation

land instruments 210x80


Simple installation, portable

land exploration 210x80

Survey services

Installation, data management, reporting

data management 210 x 80

Data analysis and processing 

Data warehousing, quality check, processing and reporting

comms 210 x 80

Network operation

Network management, data management, ongoing maintenance