Data Communication Module


The CMG-DCM is the precursor of the CMG-EAM. It is a versatile Linux-based module for storing and transmitting data captured using a range of seismic measuring equipment. GCF data can be gathered from one or more compatible digitizers or digital instruments and stored in its on-board Flash memory, from where it is written from time to time to a USB hard disk or forwarded to another device on your network. Once data are on the hard disk, you can connect to the DCM in various ways to retrieve it.

Embedded Acquisition Module




The Embedded Acquisition Module (EAM) range consists of data recording, communications and control modules available in various cases and form factors suitable for deployment in the field. It is compatible with all Güralp digitisers and instruments.

Multiple digitisers and instruments can be attached and controlled by a single module, with data being recorded to a removable hard disk (on peli-cased modules) or internal or external flash, either as a standalone recorder or as a backup for data communications.

The EAM has 100BASE-TX and 10BASE-T Ethernet, up to 8 serial ports for connecting to external devices and a USB port for use with external storage. Cylindrical versions have additional ports.

The EAM can be supplied as standalone, borehole- and sensor-integrated variants. Other options include tamper-line monitoring, external power control and an authentication module.

EAM – Datasheet pdf