Borehole Instruments

Guralp operates a quality management system that is certified to ISO9001 requirements. Their dedicated in-house quality team ensures we maintain the highest standards across the business at all times. Their philosophy of continuous improvement across all functions of the business delivers enhanced service to our customers.

Model range

Radian boreholeGuralp Radian brochure

3TB – Weak motion broadband seismometer –Datasheet PDF3TB-side
5TB – Strong motion broadband accelerometer – Datasheet PDF
3TB/5TB – Hybrid weak and strong motion instrument – Datasheet PDF
40TB – Medium motion broadband seismometer – Datasheet PDF
Flute – Ultra-slimline borehole broadband seismometer – Datasheet PDF

Key features / Benefits

Typical applications:

  • Global seismic networks
  • Co2 storage monitoring
  • Life of field monitoring
  • Fracture monitoring
  • Gas storage facilites
  • Nuclear waste monitoring
  • Nuclear test ban treaty verification